Trump administration officials seek to discredit Dr. Fauci

It has become apparent that the White House has been seeking to discredit Dr. Fauci. Dr. Fauci has made many different statements throughout the course of the Pandemic, trying to keep in line with the current course of the virus, at one point in time, the White House is reminding people that he said that the Coronavirus is “not a major threat” and that people do not need to be walking with masks. Fauci recently said that “We’re going in the wrong direction”. Trump appears to be irked by this matter, stating that the United States is “doing great”.

In his original testimony, Fauci stated that we were (at the time) seeing 40,000 cases per day. Fauci stated that those number of cases could rise to 100,000 cases per day if we were not careful. As was stated previously, just because Fauci was wrong on those aspects previously, doesn’t mean that his stance on the virus was incorrect at the time that he was saying those things, the surgeon general, and the CDC also recommended against people wearing masks, at the time, because they simply didn’t think that they were necessary and that people didn’t know how to wear them.

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Adm. Brett Giroir, the nation’s top testing official, stated that Dr. Fauci is not 100% right, in light of Fauci’s recent comments that states should pause reopening where coronavirus cases are spiking. ​

“I respect Dr. Fauci a lot, but Dr. Fauci is not 100 percent right, and he also doesn’t necessarily, he admits that, have the whole national interest in mind.”

USA Today points out that the increase in Coronavirus cases has not come from either protests or simply put more people being outside, but, acknowledges that lack of a mask-mandate might be one of the causes for the recent surge of cases. Arizona for instance did not have one until recently. ​

“As things opened up, a lot of folks may not have fully understood all the practices we should continue,” stated Dr. Joshua LaBaer, the Director of the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University. “When I go out on the weekend, I see lots of people walking around without masks. Not long ago, I passed a soccer game with clusters of parents chatting without masks as if there’s no pandemic going on.”

Matt Wynn and Jayme Fraser states we might not know until a couple of weeks at the time of writing whether the protests were contributing to the surge, and, that if you start to have bunches of people gathering in crowds, then, you might have another outbreak on your hands. It seems to be that while Dr. Fauci might be taking one point of view, that reopening by the states is causing the surge, there might be other factors that might impact how successful or unsuccessful the states are terms of reopening– such as the policies that they have in place at that point in time.

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