The Daily Wire Making Live Action Snow White Starring Brett Cooper

The Daily Wire Making Live Action Snow White Starring Brett Cooper

The Daily Wire, a media company known for its conservative stance, recently revealed plans for a live-action rendition of Snow White, a move seen as a direct response to the criticisms from the right-wing community concerning Disney’s forthcoming adaptation of the same fairy tale.

Snow White and the Evil Queen first feature film for BentKey streaming platform

Moreover, this new project, named “Snow White and the Evil Queen,” features Brett Cooper, known for his YouTube presence, in the lead role. The film draws inspiration from the original narrative by the Brothers Grimm, now part of the public domain.

“The story revolves around themes as timeless as the characters themselves: a princess and a prince, the complexities of beauty and vanity, and the transformative power of love, capable of bringing us from death back into the fullness of life,” explained Jeremy Boreing, co-founder of The Daily Wire. The announcement came alongside the unveiling of Bentkey, The Daily Wire’s latest venture into children’s entertainment. Bentkey is poised as a conservative alternative to platforms like Disney+, especially amid growing disillusionment among conservative audiences with traditional entertainment giants.

“We’re mindful of the century it took to build something as iconic as Disney,” continued Boreing. “We don’t claim to be at that level yet, but we’re committed to embarking on a journey to potentially capture what they once represented: a small studio teeming with grand visions and the audacity to pursue them. It seems Disney may have drifted from the path Walt originally envisioned for it.” Boreing’s commentary continued in a similar vein.

Brett Cooper is host of DW’s The Comments Section with Brett Cooper

Brett Cooper, aside from his new role as Snow White, is also the host of “The Comments Section With Brett Cooper,” produced by The Daily Wire. “The original Grimms’ Fairy Tales were a significant part of my upbringing, so it’s incredibly exciting to be part of retelling this classic to a new audience,” he remarked. “Snow White is a character of immense grace and beauty, and portraying her is an absolute honor. Her story, like all great fairy tales, is anchored in eternal values—love, companionship, and benevolence. I’m eager for audiences to experience them anew.”

This development comes in the wake of Disney’s planned live-action reimagining of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” from 1937, a project that has found itself at the center of cultural debates.

Moreover, the controversy first ignited over the decision to cast Rachel Zegler, a Latina actress, as Snow White, deviating from the character’s description in the Grimm’s fairy tale as having “skin as white as snow,” and the reconfiguration of the classic seven dwarfs into an assorted group of magical beings, diverse in size and gender.

Rachel Zegler has often spoken critical of original Snow White story

The situation was further inflamed by resurfaced remarks from Zegler herself, suggesting a departure from traditional portrayals of Snow White in the upcoming film. She highlighted to various media outlets that the new Snow White would not be preoccupied with finding true love but would instead focus on her potential as a fearless and just leader, a vision she claims her late father held for her.

David Hand, a former Disney designer whose father, also David Hand, co-directed the original Snow White, expressed strong dissent about the film’s new direction, which remains largely unseen by the public. He lamented what he sees as a lack of reverence for the foundational work of figures like his father and Walt Disney, suggesting that they would be “turning in their graves” at the “radical” and “woke” reinterpretation of such timeless classics.

“Snow White and the Evil Queen” is slated for a 2024 release. Meanwhile, Disney’s take on Snow White is expected to debut in theaters on March 22, 2024.

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