Nikki Haley Lands Massive Endorsement from Koch Brothers

Nikki Haley Lands Massive Endorsement from Koch Brothers

Americans for Prosperity Action, the political arm of a conservative network established by the Koch Brothers, has endorsed Nikki Haley for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. The group, known for its financial influence, has committed to investing millions in support of the Republican Party, distancing it from former President Trump. This was announced in a memo on Tuesday, with a multi-million dollar ad campaign set to launch in early voting and Super Tuesday states, promoting Haley’s vision for a new political direction in the United States.

Nikki Haley still a threat to a Trump presidential run with massive endorsement

Nikki Haley, a former South Carolina governor and U.N. ambassador, who announced her presidential candidacy in February 2024, has gained traction in recent polls. Her campaign, initially lagging in grassroots support compared to Ron DeSantis, is expected to benefit from AFP Action’s endorsement, particularly through direct-mail and field operations, and a significant advertising push. In the 2022 elections, AFP Action was notably active, with extensive door-knocking, call campaigns, and mailouts.

Emily Seidel, a senior adviser at AFP Action, stated the group’s commitment to finding a candidate capable of overcoming political dysfunction and winning the presidency, identifying Haley as that candidate. Haley, acknowledging the endorsement, emphasized the importance of this election, framing it as a choice between different political and economic ideologies.

DeSantis questioning Haley’s ability to challenge Trump

Meanwhile, the DeSantis campaign views this endorsement as potentially advantageous to Trump. They’re critiquing the Koch network’s past political stances and questioning Haley’s ability to challenge Trump effectively. MAGA Inc., a Trump-aligned super PAC, also dismissed AFP Action’s efforts, arguing that Trump’s connection with voters remains unbreakable despite financial opposition.

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