Conservative Steven Crowder Releases Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto

Conservative Steven Crowder Releases Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto

Nashville officials have acknowledged the possible circulation of parts of Audrey Elizabeth Hale’s manifesto, which was allegedly found in the vehicle Hale used during the March attack at Covenant School, resulting in the death of six individuals. Unconfirmed images of the manifesto’s handwritten pages suggest meticulous planning behind the incident, a characterization supported by police statements. While police have retrieved documents from Hale’s car, there is an ongoing legal fight against the manifesto’s release by the police and some parents from the school.

Nashville shooter’s manifesto should be released

In the meantime, the National Police Association is pushing for the manifesto to be disclosed publicly, despite the case not having been resolved in court yet. The lawsuit’s progress has been slow, with the outcome of an appeal that could allow intervention by Hale’s parents and the school still pending, potentially delaying the full release of the manifesto for an extended period.

Hale, who is described by police as a transgender woman and kept numerous journals, was recorded on surveillance footage entering the school on the day of the shooting. Nashville’s mayor has ordered an investigation into the leak of the images of the manifesto, which may involve multiple law enforcement agencies. The FBI, which has analyzed copies of the documents, has not commented due to the ongoing lawsuit.

Audrey Elizabeth Hale prepared for the attack

Hale had prepared extensively for the attack, with hand-drawn maps and plans of the school, and had no known criminal history in the area. The attack left three children and three adults dead. The heroic efforts of police officers who arrived at the scene and stopped Hale were captured on bodycam footage.

Hale, an artist and former student of the school, had been under medical care for an emotional disorder and had legally purchased multiple firearms before the attack. Hale’s parents were reportedly unaware of these purchases, believing Hale no longer owned any guns. The incident ended with police fatally shooting Hale at the school.

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