Opinion: GOP tries to spin Government shutdown

Trump declared not too long ago that if there was going to be a Government shutdown that he would own it. Immediately following the shutdown over the wall funding– @SenTedCruz tweeted:

The White House has used their position to tell people that they need to stop playing politics and get the border wall. Fox News is trying to make it appear as though Nancy Pelosi is letting her wealth get in the way of proof that she doesn’t care about Government workers despite how the house has several times passed legislation to reopen the Government which they’ve just done temporarily.

Sean Hannity himself said they Pelosi is too busy hating Trump to care about shutdowns.

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy echoed other Republicans when conservative media outlets complained about 30 Democrats trip to Puerto Rico.

Why should you care? It is clear that they don’t think that Democrats should be going out of the country during the shutdown but no conservative blinked an eye when Lindsey Graham was seen with bright smiles with Turkish leader Erdogen discussing the pullout of U.S troops from Syria during the shutdown. It seems like the Republican party is having a problem with spin here.

A recap of previous events:

For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention– here’s one video where Trump is apparently saying that he will own the shutdown:

Here’s another video showing him blaming Democrats:

Update: added style to the article. After looking again at this article, and knowing more about Sean Hannity now, none of what Sean Hannity has said should surprise anyone. In fact, if you watch his show, he’ll continually blame Democrats for just about anything, even the handling of the coronavirus. So, you can take this reporting with a grain of salt.

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