Joe Biden Is Moving Up According to Recent Polls

Biden has been increasing his lead over Donald Trump in recent polls. What were sure fire states like Michigan, are now turning into battleground states. According to the EPIC-MIRA poll Biden is leading by 12 points 53-41 percentage points. Michigan voters are not satisfied with Trump’s handling with the pandemics and 58% of likely voters gave him a negative rating. Trump won MI in 2016 despite polls showing Clinton beating Trump by 10 points. Fox News has also released polls showing Trump trailing in Ohio, Wisconsin and Arizona, which Trump won in 2016.

CNN politics has Biden at 50%. That’s a milestone that Clinton never reached. Trump is facing a really tough road to climb back on. Hillary Clinton never got close to 50%. Harry Enten, the CNN analyst compares the polls taken to Dewey VS Truman to further encapsulate that Biden has more support than Dewey did at the time. While Dewey had a higher percentage points, Biden had a 5 point swing in his favor, with more people committing to him at the time.

To make matters worse, Republicans are starting to be more negative about the outcome of the country. While they some haven’t gone all the way to wanting to admit to voting for Biden, like Ken Wilamowski, age 68, a retired general Motors Engineer they say that it’s gotten worse. Matthew Knight, age 48 says that he has some misgivings about how Trump’s been dealing with the black live matters protests. Trump’s been using strong rhetoric, such as telling people to dominate. A common theme, seems to be stated by Tom Singer, 57 year old probation officer, who says that while he finds the Trump administration’s presidency to be “dysfunctional” he still trusts Trump on the economy. That seems to be where they’re putting their money.

This comes after a controversial letter released by Gen. Jim Mattis caused Lisa Murkowski to publicly question whether or not she will vote for Trump in the next election. In response, Trump pointed out some misgivings that he had about Murowski, and many other people who ran to the defense of Defense Secretary Mark Esper for saying no to the use of military use against protestors. Mattis crafted a letter saying that Trump was actively trying to subvert the constitution and that he was the first President that he had seen in his life-time that actively was working to divide people.

Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf recently said on ABC “I do not think that we have a systemic racism problem with law enforcement officers across this country. Do I acknowledge that there are some law enforcement officers that abuse their jobs? Yes.” The cries of the protesters are voicing their complaints about the way that they’ve been treated. The protesters might view it differently. We’ll see in the polls in November.

It should be noted that this week, Joe Biden won the nomination. It remains to be seen how he’ll do in the general election.

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      1. Lmao Fox News? 😂😂😂 Liberal as fuck. You moron. But keep believing the polls. Same as you did in 16. Fool

  1. If Comey didn’t say anything I believe HRC might’ve won in those closely contested battle-ground states. HRC was a bad candidate. Biden is not great, but, he doesn’t offend his own base.

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