Former President Donald Trump Could Face Indictment Over Hush Money Payments

Former President Donald Trump Could Face Indictment Over Hush Money Payments

Former President Donald Trump may soon face indictment in New York for his alleged involvement in hush money payments made to porn actress Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office has invited Trump to testify before a grand jury, a signal that a criminal indictment may be forthcoming. Trump’s team has already responded with denials and accusations of political persecution.

Former President Donald Trump has yet to be held accountable for Stormy Daniels payment case

This case is not new; Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney, went to jail for his role in facilitating the illegal campaign donation, but Trump himself was not held accountable. The Justice Department did not pursue criminal investigations or indictments against presidents, but the Manhattan district attorney continued investigating Trump after he left office. The case could be seen as political, but it centers on possible violations of New York state law, rather than federal law.

If former President Donald Trump is indicted, it could have political ramifications in two different directions. It could make him stronger with his base voters, who believe he is being persecuted, or it could add to the Republican establishment’s desire to move past him. However, ultimately, only voters can defeat Trump, not prosecutors.

Legal bills continue to pile up now that the party can’t pay his bills anymore

Moreover, Trump’s legal bills are likely to mount as his legal troubles continue to grow. The Republican Party has been paying part of his legal bills, but they will have to stop now that he has declared his run for president. It remains to be seen who will pay his legal bills as they continue to pile up.

This case could be a last step before a criminal indictment, and it shows that holding a president accountable while in office is incredibly tricky and fraught with challenges. Former President Donald Trump may continue to deny and accuse his accusers, but the legal system will continue to move forward.

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