Dr. Fauci sounds off thoughts on Coronavirus, anti-science mindset

Dr. Fauci gave his wide-sweeping thoughts on many issues to CNN– from people disbelieving the person who sits in the White House, to vaccines, to inequality, and to the success of the shut-down measures.

When it comes to the White House, Fauci stated that it was unfortunate people don’t believe the administration when it comes to science, because “science is truth”. Like CNN says, it is important to note that Trump has been a believer in the hydroxychloroquine drug as a treatment which has had its emergency authorization pulled by the FDA recently.

In April, he said that as a potential treatment that people could inject disinfectant, and later he said he was joking. The administration talks science (Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx), but, then, Trump seems to often time give contradictory remarks, and, consistently refuses to wear a mask in public. Dr. Fauci says that the anti-science mindset is the same thing that is behind the anti-vaccers, who say things such as that vaccines causes autism.

NOTE– just because people might not know this, the CDC guidelines for the best protection against the Coronavirus is to wash your hands for 20 seconds, in general, disinfectant is for objects, soap is for hands .

Dr. Fauci says that when it comes to inequality in the African American Community, they don’t have access to equal care. This is furthered by the problem of them more likely to be essential workers and with greater job losses.

Dr. Fauci is a fierce defender of the shut-down. Had no interventions took place, one study says that we could have had 60 million more infections. He questions not whether we should have done the shutdowns, rather, why not sooner. It’s clear that while Dr. Fauci and the Coronavirus Task Force team has been out of the public spotlight recently, Dr. Fauci wants us to keep the Coronavirus at the top of our minds and still take it very seriously. He says that we should not rush to the solution as he states, it is better if a vaccine fails and that money is lost, rather than to rush through the vaccine and have to lose more lives. Getting there will require patience.

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