Conservatives Hit The Panic Button After Gorsuch and Roberts Deliver Huge LGBTQ Victory

On Monday, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Neil Gorsuch sided with their liberal counterparts to deliver a landmark decision about LGBTQ workplace protections. And conservative observers are feeling the keen sting of betrayal.


Some are expressing outrage that the justices broke ideological ranks. Some are declaring the decision the end of President Donald Trump’s reelection prospects. And some are just plain mad.

Carrie Severino, president of Judicial Crisis Network — which spent massive amounts of money to help bolster Trump’s judicial nominees — invoked Justice Antonin Scalia’s memory while impugning his replacement, Gorsuch.

Varad Mehta, a historian who has written for conservative outlets like The Federalist and the Washington Examiner, suggested social conservatives would see Trump’s presidency as useless if his Supreme Court appointees don’t maintain partisan orthodoxy.

Erick Erikson, the conservative blogger and radio host, also prophesied the death of Trump’s reelection chances. In a now-deleted tweet, Josh Hammer, conservative opinion editor at Newsweek, accused Justice Brett Kavanaugh of “flaunting his virtue” by congratulating “gays and lesbians” on their win, even while he decided against it.

And on Fox News … not much. After a quick hit on the news, with legal analyst Andrew Napolitano voicing the concern that decisions like this could become a “slippery slope,” and a question about it for Kellyanne Conway, the channel hasn’t been covering the decision.

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Author: Alexander Massaad

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