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At the Washington Ledger, we know that times are tough right now. But, if you continue to support us, we will be able to make it through this stronger than ever. your continued support lets us do the great coverage that we do and will continue to do as new events in the coronavirus take place. It’s a tough time for even anyone. We can and will get through this. But, in order to get through this, we need to have the best information available. And we can only get that information available, if you, support us.

It doesn’t even have to be that much. You only need to do a $1-$5 donation if you want. If you’re broke, don’t worry about it! Just add it on a list of things on your to-do list later.

We thank you for your continued support. Look out for our postings later! We have some exciting things coming up our sleeves and we hope to expand our services. We can only do that, however, if we have more funding. We’re not a mega-corporation like Fox News or CNN. We actually need funding in order to survive.

You can support us through our Patreon Page or Just Through PayPal

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