Companies and Inventors Leading The Way In Protecting Our Planet

Pollution is a serious crisis that affects millions of people. Every year, nine million people die from pollution. Air pollution is a particular crisis. In China, cities are sometimes blanketed in heavy smog which prompts officials to warn people to not step outside of their homes. Last summer, Las Angeles experienced eighty-seven days of smog. Such lung-damaging air can trigger asthma and other lung diseases. Many companies and individuals are responding to these problems with technologies designed to serve as cleaner energy sources or remove pollution.

Cleaning Our Air

The source of much air pollution is carbon emissions from factories and cars. Therefore, many companies are seeking to find a new power source. Solar power is quite promising in this area. Tesla, under the leadership of CEO Elon Musk, has developed solar panels that harness the power of the sun to produce clean energy. The company has also made cars that run on electricity, another source of clean energy. GM, inspired by its rival, also produced an electric car known as the Chevy Volt.

In addition to new and cleaner sources of power, some technology has specifically been designed to remove it. An artist by the name of Daan Roosengaard has invented a tower that purifies the air of smog, appropriately called the Smog Free Tower. The artist was inspired by a trip to Beijing in which the city was blanketed in fog. The device will help to remove pollution causing particles from the air and blows out clean air.

Many factories also now use devices such as bag filters which are designed to filter out harmful particles that could collect in the atmosphere.

Cleaning Our Water

Water pollution is also a serious issue that affects many communities. Wilmington, North Carolina, for example, discovered cancer-causing agent in the nearby Cape Fear River known as GenX that had been discharged by the company called Chemours. In response to this disaster, Sweeney-the main provider for water in the Cape Fear area-added new filtration technology and the latest studies show no GenX in the blood of Cape Fear residents.

Xylem is a company that provides safe water throughout the globe. They have built 150 Aqua Towers in schools in many parts of the world. Aqua Towers are a form of water filtration technology that can support the water needs of up to one-thousand people. They have 800 projects across 12 countries according to their website.

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