Health Innovations In 2019

Last year saw some exciting developments in the realms of health and medical technology. In China, a doctor did gene editing to make twin infants resistant to the HIV virus (this is assuming those reports are true.) Other innovations included successful genome editing of diseased cells which restored neurons affected by dementia. An experimental cancer vaccine, brain implants that can improve human memory and using UV lights to kill viruses were also among the inventions made by scientists in 2018.

Medical Marvels

A number of medical innovations are being developed this year. One such innovation is designed to help those suffering from Type 1 Diabetes using stem cells. Stem cells are cells that have the potential to turn into many different cells of the body. Scientists at the University of Copenhagen hope to turn stem cells in the pancreas into islet cells which produce insulin. This will help diabetes patients to generate their own insulin without needing injections.

Another innovation will be in the realm of genetics. Everyone has a different genetic makeup due to the way chromosomes recombine. Many doctors hope to create medications tailored to the unique makeup of their patients. More steps towards this goal will be taken in 2019.

Another innovation is using particle accelerators to cut away tumors. This could potentially be used to slice away tumors that are difficult or impossible to get to via traditional means.

These are only a few of the innovations that may be on the horizon for 2019. Other breakthroughs may include contacts that inject medication, to be used for eye diseases, and more advanced hearing aids.

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